Founder of We Smell The Rain

We Smell The Rain is an exciting new venture by Amsterdam-based creative Kim Band. Her career background covers a wide range of areas from creative direction, design and branding for leading international retail brands such as Harrods, G-Star RAW and Glassons, as well as fashion boutiques and start ups. Driven by her graphic eye and love for nature, We Smell The Rain now sees Kim inventing innovative and stylish ways to bring elegant handcrafted greenery into the homes of city dwellers. 
Growing up Kim was always surrounded by nature. From being chased by monkeys in the garden of her native South Africa, to stepping out of the front door and onto the New Zealand beach, where she moved at age 15, beautiful nature was ever present in Kim's life. At 27 years old, Kim left New Zealand to travel the world, first following her career to London and then her heart to Amsterdam. Charmed and inspired by the canals, architecture and her gorgeous Dutch boyfriend, Amsterdam quickly became home. However, Kim discovered that city living left her craving the calming influence of the great outdoors and being surrounded by greenery. Turning her apartment into an indoor garden became the antidote.  
After experimenting with indoor plants over the years as a hobby and styling these in unique and interesting ways, Kim found a gap in the market to create stylish solutions to display greenery in the tiny apartments of Amsterdam. We Smell The Rain was born in May 2015 with Kim extremely excited at the opportunity to now share her passion and creations with others.

Photography - Lizzy Ann