Air Plant Care

What is an Air Plant?
Tillandsia, commonly known as Air Plants, don't need soil to survive. They usually attach themselves to other forest plants or in shallow desert sand. Air Plants get all the nutrients they need through the environment around them. They are hardy plants which require much less attention than other houseplants.

How do I water my Air Plant?
Air Plants need to be soaked in water for a relatively long time, but require watering less frequently than normal indoor plants. They still need humidity though, so benefit from being misted. Because every environment is different it is important to pay attention to small changes in your air plant.

We Smell The Rain - Air Plant watering care
Option 1: Soak the Air Plant once a month for 1-2 hours and mist once a week.
Option 2: Soak the Air Plant once a week for 1 hour.

Soaking: Fill a bowl with room-temperature water. Remove your air plant from its container and place plant under the water to soak. Remove and gently shake with leaves pointing downwards. Rest the Air Plant for 4-5 hours in a bright spot (but NOT in direct sunlight). It is important that the base of the plant feels dry and that there is no water sitting in the centre of its leaves before it is placed back in position. It is best to water Air Plants in the morning so that it has the whole day to dry out. Wet or damp roots can lead to root rot which will kill your Air Plant.

Misting: Mist your Air Plant using a bottle that casts a fine mist. Spray only the leaves, not the root base of the plant. Adjust this depending on how dry your environment is. See our misters here.We Smell The Rain - AirPlant watering care - misting
Things to watch out for

If the leaf edges begin to curl or turn brown, it is a sign that it might be time to give your plant a soak. Trim away any brown leaf tips. It is also common for air plants to lose their bottom leaves when acclimatising to a new environment or if positioned in a place they are not happy in. Remove any loose or brown leaves with a downward tug.

Best practice is always to keep houseplants out of reach of small children and pets. To ensure the copper or brass stays shiny, simply clean with a polishing solution.

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