Kokedama Care

What is a Kokedama? 
Kokedama (苔玉) is a Japanese word that can be loosely translated as ‘moss ball’. It’s a traditional Japanese art form dating back to 1600 A.D., also known as a ‘poor man’s bonsai’. 

 How do I water my Kokedama?

We Smell The Rain - Kokedama watering care

Fill a bucket/bowl with room temperature water and soak for roughly 30 minutes. Your Kokedama MUST feel substantially heavier than before it was soaked. Once soaked remove from water and squeeze gently to remove excess water. Leave to drain on a drying rack until it is no longer dripping then place back into position.

Tips: Plants aren't keen on shocks and surprises so use room temperature water in a clean bucket or basin to water your plants. Do not use the sink as it might contain chemical residue.

When do I water my Kokedama?
Learning how to care for any indoor plant requires a keen eye and a bit of trial and error. But as a rough guideline we suggest watering our leafy green Kokedama 1x per week and our succulents every 2nd week. Follow our watering time guidelines, but trust your instincts. If the base of your Kokedama feels dry and light, it is a good sign that it is time to water your plant.

Because every environment is different you may need to water your Kokedama more or less, depending on its size, and how dry or humid the atmosphere. Try to water your Kokedama on the same day each week to maintain a consistent amount of moisture. The soil should remain moist, but not soggy. 

Leafy Kokedama types: Tocan, Evi and Ello

We Smell The Rain - Kokedama Watering Care - leafy plants

Succulent Kokedama types:
Magic Tree, Katongue, Rose

We Smell The Rain - Kokedama watering care - succulents

How do I mist my Kokedama?
To keep the moss green we advise you to mist your plant everyday with a mister. The leaves of leafy green plant's also love a good mist as well. See our misters here.

It is common for the moss to turn yellow/brown - this does not mean it’s dead – it is simply moss doing what moss does.

How long will my Kokedama last?
Our Kokedama are 100% handcrafted and made to order using high quality materials. We have chosen robust plant varieties which require relatively little care. That being said, they are still living things which require consistent love. Care for your plant well and it will reward you. Neglect it and it will let you know. Like any indoor plant attention must be paid to the small signs that it is not happy in its environment. We Smell The Rain can not guarantee the lifespan of your Kokedama.

Where do I place my Kokedama? 
In general our Kokedama's love living in bright spaces with lots of humidity but NOT in direct sunlight. Direct sunlight can burn their delicate leaves. Kokedama can sit on a flat surface, or hang in your home or office. For more information please see our FAQ.

How do I hang my Kokedama? 
You can use one of our hand bent copper coated hooks, screws or hooks, or a WSTR Stand.

Best practice is always to keep houseplants out of reach of small children and pets.

More plant help 
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